This Is The New Loneliness

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Eugenio MarongiuEugenio Marongiu

It’s a weekday evening and you’re feeling restless. You’re texting friends and you’re watching Netflix and you’re on your laptop and you’re scrolling through Tumblr or Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. Your attention is in ten different directions, yet there’s a tug, a tiny voice in the back of your mind. It asks: what are you distracting yourself from? You ignore. Scroll again. Click again.

You send a text: “Wanna hang tomorrow night?”

“Sure, I need to leave my apartment eventually, lol”

“L O L, me too, goddddd. Ok, let’s plan tomorrow”

Tomorrow rolls around.

“You know, can we maybe rain check on plans? I’m cozy!”

“YES, omg, I totally wanted to bail, too. PERFECT.”

Then, you two text all night. Netflix on in the background. Computer on your lap. Scroll. Click. Scroll. Click. Refresh. Scroll. Click. Text.

Wait a second. What? How is this our new normal?…

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21 Things Only People Who Prefer Rain Over All Other Weather Understand

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Rachata SinthopachakulRachata Sinthopachakul

1. You get unreasonably happy when you wake up in the middle of the night and hear rain pattering against your window.

2. Also, the word “pattering” sets your heart aflutter.

3. Growing up, you were more excited about getting your first kiss in the rain than about learning to drive.

4. And then it happened and aiewsndaeuifnaekrfnsjnfs KISSES IN THE RAIN, ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

One Tree HillOne Tree Hill

5. Your favorite smell is just the crisp freshness that the earth has after it rains.

6. If thunder and lightning accompany the rain, it’s like Disneyland uprooted itself and landed right outside your door.

7. Scattered showers are a worse tease than that person you’re talking to / dating / still just talking to?

8. Nothing in the entire world is as relaxing as sitting inside on a rainy day with a cozy blanket and hot beverage.

9. Your…

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Yes, I Do Look Tired And Here’s Why

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iStock / EversteiStock / Everste

It’s 12:52 AM on a Tuesday. The club is not going up. I’m clicking on a new thing every two seconds.

Click. Click. Click.

My brain works in morse code, trying to piece together my own incoherency when everyone else is too busy soaking up sleep. The messages stop. The texts cease. So it’s just me.

I’m typing patterns with my own fingers. Click. Stop. Click. Stop. I’m lonely. Click. Stop. I’m not sure what’s wrong. Click. Stop. I need to go back to therapy. Click. Stop. I can’t afford what they’re going to tell me. Click. Stop.

I do the usual rounds: Twitter, Facebook, Email, YouTube. Look at my phone at Snapchat. He’s looked at my Snap. No text though. I reached out for help, and he ignored it. Funny, I think. He told me he was an asshole. Should have believed it.

Click. Think about…

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I haven’t written in almost three weeks.

I’ve written absolutely nothing in the past almost three weeks. It feels so wrong, but yet still, I’m at a loss for what to write.

The last three weeks have been an absolute mess. I can’t even go into detail as to exactly why it’s been so messy as I’m still unable to formulate coherent thoughts on the events. I honestly don’t even have a rough idea of how I can explain it to anyone, nor do I have the slightest clue as to what I even started writing this post for other than the fact that I haven’t in a while.

It’s not even just been blog posts I have written. I literally have not written anything even on scraps of paper that forms any kind of coherent (or incoherent) thought process or feelings. Right now, I’m curled up on my couch in the living room, with my beautiful Mum on the next couch over, holding myself and typing single-handedly as though by holding myself I may be able to contain my mess of emotions.

Not much has worked so far, so I’ve been browsing across Youtube, and I stumbled my way back to the plethora of Disney songs and found this one which has me feeling somewhat inspired, even momentarily.

This Is How Hard It Really Is To Stay Clean When You Have A Serious Self-Harm Addiction

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I want to start off by stating outright that some of what’s written below may be a trigger for those who struggle with a self-injury addiction. I say this because while I am okay discussing this aspect of my history, I know all too well that others’ openness can sometimes provoke unwelcome feelings.

When I appeared on MTV’s The Buried Life, I knew full well that I was going to be one of the many faces/voices representing the struggles behind the addiction of cutting. I feel that also means I must accept being accountable. I am choosing to share this story because I made myself a promise that I would be honest during my journey—no matter what.

A few months back, I was going through a really rough patch and I let my mind play a trick on me: “It only counts if you cut,” I told myself. I let…

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Books Over Boyfriends

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Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.59.16 PM

I am a physical book kind of girl.

I love the feel of the pages, the aesthetic of the inside cover panel and the way I can gauge my progress simply by glancing at the bookmark. I can’t read a book without a highlighter & page flags close by. Every book I’ve ever read is a well-loved, dog-eared, color-coded wonderland.

I’m sharing this with you because I want to help you understand my love affair with books. You see, this is a relatively new thing for me….

I always thought that by this age, a man would have my heart.

However, as a traveling sorority consultant working primarily with 18-22 year old women, run-ins with the male species are hard to come by. So, I’ve been spending most of my free time cozying up with books, and I’ve come to realize that they make great companions. They make me less…

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How Do You Stop Yourself From Becoming Jaded?

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Eugenio MarongiuEugenio Marongiu

Why are people so weird about attraction? It’s the most natural thing in the world—to be drawn to other people. We spend all this time trying to define beauty when what we should be doing is expanding beauty, seeing beauty in all.

It’s always so jarring to me when someone makes a comment that another person is “ugly.” I’m not saying this to be on some high horse or anything, but I genuinely do not evaluate people in that way so it’s always so uncomfortable when I’m around someone who does, who sees people as beautiful and ugly, worthwhile and not, valuable and not. It truly does not occur to me to look at another person and determine their hotness rating on a scale of one to ten. I think I do a pretty good job of discerning between someone who I find attractive versus someone I don’t…

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