The Power Of Love

There are so many different types of love: the love between siblings, the love between a parent and a child, the love between members of the extended family, the love between best-friends, acquaintances, the love of complete strangers and of course romantic love.

With so many types of love, that exist in everybody’s daily life in some capacity or another, surely it is a powerful notion.

If I think about and describe it in terms of my own life, maybe everyone else can see why I believe in the power of love.

The love between a parent and child: Well so far I have only experienced this bond from the child’s perspective. But it is a powerful thing, an unconditional feeling. My parents have always been there for me through everything, no matter how much I upset them, or how much they disagreed with what I was doing or planning or thinking. It is their love and support and belief in me, that gives me the confidence and ability to do the things I am doing with my life; moving overseas to work for a year, dropping out of university, travelling the world etc.

The love of a sibling: The power of this love has only amplified itself for me last year and made me believe in it more strongly. When I saw my siblings on a daily basis I was constantly frustrated, mad and annoyed at them. Being apart from them for a full 12 months has definitely solidified our love for each other, and that is evident in how much we missed each other.

The love between best-friends: Again this was only amplified in my absence from Australia. I used to take my friendships for granted, felt that they were a guaranteed part of my life. Being away, I had many a friendship crumble and disappear, fading into nothingness. But the few I have kept have shown me that when a friendship is strong and true, and the parties really do love each other, it can survive anything.

As for romantic love: well I haven’t experienced that one for myself as yet. Sure I’ve had a few boyfriends over the years, but I can guarantee you I haven’t truly been in love with any of them. That sounds kind of miserable and depressing, but I firmly believe in the power of love, especially of the romantic kind, and I figure that
just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it wont. It just means my heart is truly just waiting, and that I haven’t met/fallen for the right person yet. But it will happen when it is meant to, all in good time.

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