Work is always an interesting time for me. I don’t think I’ve ever truly been happy in the job I’m in. I was certainly content with it in the early stages but as time goes on, I’m becoming increasingly unhappy. I don’t mind being in reception, but I truly loathe the Real Estate Industry. I’m also finding that there is a high amount – both in quality and quantity – of expectations and obligations that are thrust upon me, and I honestly feel that it is too much. The worst are the times where I think I have it all together, where it feels as though everything is in place, only for that image to be shattered when a slip up from past weeks comes to light.

I finish my course by March, so hopefully after that I can start to make way for new adventures. I have a trip overseas booked from mid-May to mid-June and after that I hope to either seek a new workplace or apply for a working visa program overseas. 2013 I spent working in Florida, USA and it was truly a life changing experience. To be thoroughly ingrained in another culture (although still similar to my own) opened my eyes dramatically. International travel is now something I crave, and if I can work while I go then why not?
If I don’t manage to get a working holiday, I think I’ll definitely still need to find a new job that makes me happier and allows for me to live the way I want to.

The goal this year is to be happier, and if that means quitting my job, so be it.

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