Doctor, Doctor (extension)

I was thinking about this, this morning and realised that I actually knew it yesterday, but I was highly uneasy about the fact that my sister was going to drive me to the Doctors and pick me up.
The plan had originally been that she would pick me up from the Docs and Daddy would drop me there after work. It then got switched that S1 would get me from work and chaperone me. I spent all day feeling uneasy about this and eventually called Dad to pick me up from work. He also ended up waiting at the Docs to take me home and I felt so much more secure in myself because of that.

I’ve also decided to speak with Mum either tonight or tomorrow re seeing the psychologist. It would probably be helpful to me for her to know where things are at, as I feel a little apprehensive and agitated about keeping it from her.
I’ll also need her to take me so there’s that…


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