STOP. Just Stop. please.

I wrote this a while back, but it is still relevant.

Everybody has their demons and everybody deals with them differently. Some people are capable of working proactively against theirs. They go for a jog, meditate, call a friend or dance off their worries and the people around them look up to them. “They’re dealing with it so well,” they say, “She’s so strong.” Others, those who are in the ‘everyday’, middle-ground category, deal with it a variety of ways. Sometimes they’ll handle it well, chat with a family member, listen to some music or breathe deeply and other times they will lie in bed for hours of a night slowly crying themselves to sleep. Society barely notices these people. Perhaps they glance over them, perhaps they are given a second thought, but more often than not people say “It’s just life – everyone goes through it.” Those that deal with them the worst, however, are often looked down upon by society, shamed by the people surrounding them, categorized as weak. These people are your self-harmers, your drug and alcohol addicts; they are the people who just simply have no clue how to deal with their emotions and constantly feel overwhelmed by simple, everyday activities. They don’t feel comfortable enough in themselves to turn to others for help, meditating just makes them think more about the negatives and music just plays on the emotions and turns them even more topsy-turvy.

The problem is not in how people deal with their demons, but in how society views them because of it. If we continue to look down on people who struggle to deal with their demons, we are only giving them more demons to fight.

What do you honestly think will be easier for someone who is already struggling to deal with things; someone who stands by their side and offers support, who lets them know they are loved and cared for, or, someone who shuns them, who doesn’t bother to give them the time of day, because they view that person as weak, incapable of dealing with human interaction like a “normal” person.

People seem to forget that at the end of the day, there is no “normal”, no “standard” for a human being. We are all different. We are all individual and we will all deal with the various challenges and struggles life throws at us in our own way, in a way that we feel (while however damaging it may be) is the only way we know how. So STOP discriminating, stop treating peoples differences like a deadly disease and stop shaming people who “don’t deal with things well”. There is no right way to deal with anything, but if we stand up for each other, respect each other and offer a helping hand, we can slowly try to improve this world we live in.


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