Think Forward

My boss said something to me yesterday that struck a chord. TH said that she has found, in order for her to be happy, she has to ignore the past. She tries to never reflect backwards on the negative things, and doesn’t spend too long thinking about previously happy things, in order to not compare her happiness then, to her happiness now.

I think this is a brilliant approach to have on life. By focusing on the present, and the exciting things coming up in your future, you avoid dwelling on previous events and over-thinking. I honestly feel that I spend far too much time in the past; what I did, how I felt, how that compares to now, how I have no hope of achieving X because Y has already happened. This makes me very unhappy more often than not. Dwelling on the past is how you form regrets and disappointments. By focusing on the future, all you will get is a whole bunch of anticipation and a dash of nervous excitement.

I have decided that from this point forward, I will no longer be over-contemplating the past. It is obviously good to use the past as reference on occasion, but I don’t believe it is necessary to focus on it for extended periods of time. I will focusing on the things coming up in my life; concerts, day trips, my brother’s 18th birthday, Awards Nights for work, my overseas trip – all the good things that I have planned within my life.

I promised my little sister (who is just recently 15), just yesterday, that if she saves enough money, I will take her to Walt Disney World (Florida) for her 18th birthday. So that is my next big thing to start saving for. I’ll be 24 by the time that happens, so hopefully it will still be possible for me to keep this promise to her. Neither of us have any idea what our lives will be like in two years time, but hopefully this will be an adventure we can undertake together.

I have a lot of ideals for where I’ll be in two years time, and also in five, and in ten, but I’m not holding them as certainties. Nothing is certain in life, except death and taxes, but that is okay. The unexpected is an adventure that we can all take, and hopefully end up in a wonderful place.

I have a lot of dreams for the future. I want to fall in love, marry, stay married to that one person, be in love, have children, write and publish a book, campaign for mental health awareness and most of all, be happy. I don’t want to put time restraints, restrictions or expectations on any of this, for that just sets one up for disappointment, instead I will just live life, appreciating and taking every opportunity that comes my way and just see what I’m given.

I’m looking forward to actively working towards this new outlook on life being something I don’t even have to think about.


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