Losing grip and sinking ships…

I feel like I should have a lot more to express in this post tonight. I had such a complex weekend that I should be trying to sort it all out, but honestly I don’t really care for a bunch of it.

My supposed best friend BP visited again and it was relative unexciting and ineffectual. We’ve had this planned for months, but since her visit in January we’ve fallen into this funk where I’m honestly not sure what our level of friendship is on. OUr friendship has reverted down to our similar interests as opposed to our lifestyles. When we were living together, it was quite simple, because everything we did revolved around the fact that we had basically identical lifestyles aside from our individual job descriptions. Now, we’re living two totally different lives, and it isn’t a bad thing, it just takes some adjusting. I think in our cores, we are two very, very different people. Our morals and values and outlooks on life are vastly different, and our similar interests are limited. I feel as though our days of being “BFFs” are coming to a close. I don’t think we’ll ever NOT be friends, but I just think we’re headed in very different directions.

We went to the One Direction On The Road Again Tour, which was the main reason she came this weekend in particular, and we had an absolute blast. We spent the whole night super hyped and excited and loving it and sharing it with each other and hugging and singing and whatnot, but looking back at it, the interaction with BP feels out of place, as though thats only suitable in that particular environment. I don’t feel as though I can be affectionate and close with her in everyday situations anymore. It’s quite disappointing.

The day after the concert (after waiting two hours in the car park because the wrong road was blocked and getting home at 2:30am), things were even weirder. BP isn’t a morning person, and I try my best to be, but I could swear she didn’t speak a word to me from 10:30 when we woke up, until we said goodbye at the airport at 3:30 save for answering my questions as to what she wanted for breakfast/lunch/drink etc. Again, it’s just disappointing honestly. I couldn’t imagine being like that, even if I was still tired.

In regards to the actual concert though. It was incredible. The boys all looked so refreshed, relaxed and genuinely happy and it was just so pleasing. They all looked incredibly attractive as per usual, but the highlights for me were Zayn’s wonderful new haircut, Niall in general and Louis being so elated and pleased and more carefree than I’ve seen him in a while. It definitely made for a great night. I would have liked to have heard more off of the newest album, Four, but I suppose they were trying to make up for Where We Are Tour not making it to Aus. I can’t complain though, everything they did, they did beautifully!

On a completely random tangent, I wanna chop my hair off. I really want to go quite short (like just above the shoulders). I’d love to rock a pixie cut but I would LOATHE growing that back out! A cute long-bob style thing would be great. I wish I could do what Taylor Swift is currently rocking because she looks INCREDIBLE. Unfortunately my hair is WAY too curly to rock that, but something similar could be good. I’ll have to talk to MelieG and see what we can come up with.

And thats all for now. I’m bored, tired, slightly delirious and running out of thoughts.


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