A Working Dilemma.

So my boss has booked me in for “The First Class Receptionist” training program.

I feel a little affronted by the whole thing if I am perfectly honest. There was no discussion about the training, no questioning as to if I was interested or if I believed it would be beneficial. There wasn’t even a conversation to say, “I’ve found this and think it would be great for you so I’ve booked it in.” I literally was sitting at my desk, while my boss was at hers at the back of the office, when I received an email to say she’d booked me in for it.

It’s not so much the training that is upsetting, nor even the fact that my boss thinks it would be beneficial, but the fact that the communication was so indirect, as though I’m not worthy of the discussion being held head-on. It’s just a little disheartening and does not help me feel as though I am a valued employee.

I’m not the best receptionist, I can safely admit that. I don’t enjoying answering and transferring calls, and I’m not particularly good at deal with walk-in customers. If it was purely administrative duties like filing and typing reports and things, I would probably be a hell of a lot better at my job, but I’m not. I don’t particularly enjoy those few aspects of my job (which are also the majority of what I do), but I do try my best to keep things going as smoothly as possible.

It comes down to my personality and my Atychiphobia (fear of failure). I am mind-numbingly afraid of failing and of disappointing people or letting them down. As a result I tend not to do things (whether that’s physically doing something, or sending an email etc.) unless I am 100% certain that it is what I need to do. On the occasion that I do something without being 100% sure, I sit with paralysing fear that it will backfire. It is however, unfortunately counter-productive to being a good, valuable member of staff.

This is not the job for me. Too many factors make being a receptionist an uncomfortable experience for me, and the Real Estate Industry itself sets me on edge. It’s all about who you know and how far you’re willing to push and there is no way I’m cut out for it. Property Management, their role is essentially to be the ‘middle person’ between the tenant and the landlord. They are forever organising repairs, chasing up rent monies and playing phone tag to sort issues out. The Salespeople on the other hand; their one job is to get the best possible result for the Vendor, but it is also all about commission for them. They are all about the money. They push, push, push to bump up the prices and spend a load of time sweet-talking and being VERY convincing in order to make as much money as they can. I couldn’t do either of those jobs.

I don’t have it in me to convince people to spend more or push them into something outside of what they want or are comfortable with. I also don’t have it in me to be what is basically a debt collector and hound people until their money is paid in, or deal with the crap that the Property Managers cop simply because tenants are impatient and landlords won’t respond to calls or emails (and vice-versa). Both the industry and the job itself are just not suitable to the person I am, and I definitely cannot see myself staying here long term. I honestly think that once my course is complete and my trip is over, I will start looking for something new.

I don’t know what industry I’d want to work in. Maybe I could search for a columnist position or something similar to do with writing? I’ve always been interested in fashion so maybe I could potentially pursue something to do with writing for the fashion industry? I don’t really know what I want to do, but it definitely is not what I am doing right now. Hopefully I will be able to work something out soon.

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