Online Dating (Here we go again…)

So a while back, I did a relatively long post about how online dating is not for me. This post is going to be quite contradictory to that.

I still wouldn’t say it is for me per se, however, I think I’m looking at it from a different approach this time around. You have to take a lot of what happens in online dating scenarios at face value. You’re not going to start talking to someone online and know they are “the one” immediately.

I’ve recently rejoined Tinder, and so far it is working out quite well for me. I’ve matched with a few people, and spoken with a few. Some have been rather short conversations once I get a feel for the person and what they want. Yet some have been quite continuous and lovely conversations. There is one person in particular who I am quite enjoying speaking with so we’ll see how this goes. I feel that perhaps the reason it is working out this time is that I’m not EXPECTING anything from it. It is simply an opportunity to chat to people and hopefully meet some new people. Whatever comes from that, well that’s still to be seen, I simply have to let it play out.

I have my good friend AM’s Tinder success to thank truthfully. She gave it a shot with zero expectation and has had some fine results. Her success gave me the confidence to give it another shot I’m reaping the rewards now. So thanks A!

And that’s all folks.

(I need to find a better way to end these posts. They all just stop with no real conclusion.)


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