Why Radical Consent Makes Me a Better Man

feminist menFeminism is not here to make you feel guilty for being a man. And radical consent – the idea that one should get affirmative and enthusiastic consent from their lovers – is a critical step toward ending sexual violence.

So men, listen up: you need to care about radical consent. It boils down to mutual respect for everyone’s autonomy and how to interact with other peoples’ bodies.

Feminism addresses the reality that women are systematically treated worse than men. That doesn’t mean the lives of men are perfect; we have financial struggles and health issues, and we also survive violence and other challenges. Part of respecting women, however, is acknowledging and supporting them in the misogyny they face, not turning it into a competition of incomparable problems.

One of the greatest misconceptions spread by anti-feminists is that feminism is about women versus men. Recognizing that I have male privilege isn’t an attack…

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