This Is How Hard It Really Is To Stay Clean When You Have A Serious Self-Harm Addiction

Thought Catalog

I want to start off by stating outright that some of what’s written below may be a trigger for those who struggle with a self-injury addiction. I say this because while I am okay discussing this aspect of my history, I know all too well that others’ openness can sometimes provoke unwelcome feelings.

When I appeared on MTV’s The Buried Life, I knew full well that I was going to be one of the many faces/voices representing the struggles behind the addiction of cutting. I feel that also means I must accept being accountable. I am choosing to share this story because I made myself a promise that I would be honest during my journey—no matter what.

A few months back, I was going through a really rough patch and I let my mind play a trick on me: “It only counts if you cut,” I told myself. I let…

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