Day vs Night

By Day…
She’s springtime and sunshine
She’s flowers blooming and clear blue skies
She’s pinks and yellows
And your favourite song

By Day…
She’s cornfields and fairyfloss
She’s crystal oceans and gentle breezes
She’s butterflies and rainbows
And fairytale endings

By Day…
She’s warm fireplaces and cozy blankets
She’s roasted marshmallows and romantic comedies
She’s burnt oranges and soft reds
And comforting cuddling

By Night…
She’s harsh winters and biting cold
She’s sleepless nights and thunderstorms
She’s blacks and greys
And aching bones
She’s cruel and heartless
She’s bitter and seemingly twisted
But she’s real
And she’s her


Them vs. Her

This is probably one of my more slightly obscure works. This came about from a conversation late one night with my former-roommate and best friend about celebrities and how their partners (especially those who are not also defined as ‘celebrities’) must feel at times. Ron Pope’s “I Do Not Love You” echoes this quite well.

They love him for his smile,
For the way he respects them,
For the way he tries his best to always stop for pictures and autographs.

They love him for the way he makes them feel the emotion behind his songs,
For the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles genuinely,
For the way he never lets the not-so-nice fans change his view of the others.

They love him for everything, that in their eyes, makes him perfect.

She loves him for his imperfections,
For the way he asks how she is twenty minutes after they start talking, because he’d been too busy saying he missed her,
For the way he’d almost forget she was in the room when his Mum called.

She loves him for all the things they don’t see,
For the way he almost-but-not-quite lifts her off of the ground every time he hugs her,
For the way he sits, invading all her space, when there is plenty of couch available,
For the way he peppers kisses in her hair when he thinks she’s fallen asleep in his arms.

She loves him for all the things that he reserves just for her,
For all the things he does for his fans.

She deals with plenty of hate for loving him,
From all those fans who love him too,
And as much as sometimes it hurts, she understands,
They see what she sees in him,
And it makes her happy,
Because she knows she’s not the only one who sees how he is worth loving.



Whisper through the night to me

Those things you never say

Skies no longer bright and warm

Show what you hide during the day

The blanket fort incites a code

Of silence and safekeeping

So speak of all the little things

That haunt you while you’re sleeping

When long, hard days have got you down

You just want to lay and cry

I’ll hold you close within my arms

And wipe tears from your eyes

Daunting, though it may seem

I’ll keep you safe from harm

All riled up and uneasy

Trust me to keep you calm

All I want for you, my sweet

Is to see you smile again

Your happiness is what I need

I love you so dear friend

Every YES = 10x NO

For all her outward bravado and confidence, she is still a shy, insecure little girl…
For all she compliments and talks her self up, she never really believes it…
For all the times she graciously accepts your compliments, she never trusts that you are serious…
For all the love she feels for others, she never really feels loved…
For all the time and energy she puts into her fandoms, she is always put down for them…
For everything she dreams and hopes, there is always someone to bring her down…
For all the times she hurts herself, there is always someone who hurts her more…
For all the times she ignores the world, there are infinite times she felt invisible…
For all the times she stands up for herself, someone is there to insult her…
For all the times she makes an effort, there are too many who don’t care…
For all the times she is happy with herself, there is someone to tell her she isn’t worth it…