Long Weekend Recap

It’s Australia Day and I’m currently sitting at home reminiscing on the past few days of activity. Thursday was my last day of work for the week before a four day long weekend and I celebrated that night by heading out to the local brewhouse for a night of dancing with my sister. We had a great time dancing and just enjoying ourselves, and then a bunch of the lads from 5 Seconds of Summer and Little Sea showed up. We fangirled quietly and checked them out while we were dancing (not going to lie). Good lord are those boys good looking. I was stunned. Calum was way better looking in person than in pictures (which is crazy cause he looks fabulous in pictures), Luke and Ashton were exactly as they look in pictures, and so were the Little Sea boys. I never realised quite how tall they all are though! My 5foot1 self felt like a miniature Oompa-Loompa in comparison!

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to speak with them somehow, but I didn’t want to annoy them and ask for a picture (they were just out trying to enjoy themselves too after all), so I typed a message into my phone and asked the security guard to show it to the boys. He handed it to Ashton who read it and typed a message back. It absolutely made my night. It was probably nothing for him to type a sentence but to me it meant the world to have his acknowledgement and know that he knew I was thankful for what they do. [1]

Friday, my best friend’s Mum (AB) and little sister (Miss E) came to visit. They live interstate now, but we started Kindergarten together, our Mums became best friends and are now godmothers to each others youngest daughters. They arrived around 12:30-1:00pm and have been here since. My sisters and I went out that night to The Vamps concert at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. Masketta Fall and Short Stack were the opening acts and they were both brilliant. I was a fan of the boys from the Central Coast, Short Stack when they released their second album back in 2010, but never really got into the groove with them as my parents weren’t approving of my choices in music at the time. I’m now happy to be revisiting my love for Short Stack and am very thankful to have been able to see them live. Masketta Fall on the other hand, I had never heard of before but was pleasantly surprised. A Melbourne-bred band, Masketta Fall are more Pop than Punk/Rock, but I thought they were incredible. Their current single, Summertime Girls, was catchy and upbeat, the perfect Summer track! It has since been downloaded and played multiple times on my iPod.

Both these bands were brilliant, but nothing could have prepared me for the phenomena that was The Vamps. I absolutely adore those four lads and seeing them live was an amazing experience. They looked incredible, played incredibly and were truly one of the most joyful acts I’ve ever watched. They were just so genuinely pleased to be there performing for us. James has had surgery recently so wasn’t able to play is guitar, but that didn’t mean he put any less effort or enthusiasm into his performance. I smiled and I cheered and I sang my heart out Friday night. I left the venue unable to hear over the ringing in my ears, and unable to speak or feel anything other than scratchy pain in my throat. It was a wonderful night and I truly hope they go far. I would have no qualms with spending more money to see the live again in the future. It was brilliant! [2]

Saturday was a quieter one for us. A few of us went to a family friends to surprising her Mum who was visiting from Turkey. We spent most of the uneventful afternoon there and then headed back home where we spent the afternoon swimming in the pool before my Slumber Party with Miss E. We stayed up as late as her 10 year old body could handle and headed to sleep around 10:30pm. Sunday morning we were up early and headed to Bella Vista Farm to view the Disney Pixar Sand Sculptures. They were absolutely incredible! The time, effort and skill that goes into them is outstanding and we were all quite impressed by them. [3] We were there fairly early, say 9:30am and headed home by about 11am. Spent the entire afternoon into the late evening swimming again before Round 2 of the J/Miss E Slumber Party but she crashed significantly earlier that night.

They left this morning, and there were significant tears all round, but we’ve had a brilliant weekend together and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Happy Australia Day everybody! 🙂













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